2021 Permanent Start Times Program 
Midlane Country Club Permanent Start Times 

  • Individual PST with Cart - $1,400.00
  • Walking PST - $1,100.00
  • Individual PST with Cart & Member Upgrade - $2,000.00
  • Walking PST & Member Upgrade - $1,500.00
PST players will experience:
  • 22 Weeks of a PST starting May 1st/2nd – September 25th/26th
  • Complimentary Range Balls on morning of PST
  • PSTs with Member Upgrade receive unlimited golf seven (7) days a week.
Early Commitment Special!
As a special promotion when PST registration is completed and dues are paid by December 5th, 2020, receive pricing and discounts as follows: Individual PST with Cart - $1,200.00, Walking PST - $900.00. Upgrade your PST to an unlimited membership with cart for an additional $500 or an unlimited walking membership for an additional $300. 

For additional information on Permanent Start Times please download this brochure: 2021 Permanent Start Time Program.
2021 Permanent Start Time Contract available here.
2021 Permanet Start Time Structure and Details available here.